January 19, 2017

Items Approved by UGC - Forwarded to UFS Steering

 Consent Items
Course Title Credit Recommendation from Steering
 College of Arts & Letters
New Course FRW-6767: France in/and Algeria 3  
New Course LIN-6022: Cognitive Linguistics 3  
Program Change Graduate Certificate in Literary Translation N/A  
New Course SOW-6758: Social Work Practice using Solution Focused Therapy 3  
New Course SOW-6848: Mindfulness and Social Work Practice 3  
Program Change MS in Criminology and Criminal Justice N/A  
College of Education
Program Change Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction N/A  
Program Change M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction N/A  
College of Engineering
New Course CIS-5371: Practical Aspects of Modern Cryptography 3  
Program Change Cyber Security Certificate N/A  
Program Change MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, ITM, Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering N/A  
Program Change PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering N/A  
College of Science
New Course EVS-5385: Image and Video Processing and Vision in Marine Environment  3  
New Course OCE-6350: Dynamics of Marine Biogeochemical Processes 3  
 Action Items
Course Title Credit Recommendation from Steering
No action items to address.