January 18, 2018

Items Approved by UGC - Forwarded to UFS Steering

 Consent Items
Course Title Credit Recommendation from Steering
College of Business
Course Change ACG7415- Seminar in Information System N/A  
New Course ACG7837- Survey of Behavioral Accounting Research 3  
New Course ACG7886- Survey of Archival Accounting Research 3  
New Course ECO7181- Microeconomic Foundations of Strategic Decision-Making 3  
New Course ECO7292- Contemporary Issues in Global Macroeconomics 3  
New Course ECO7978- Advanced Research in Economics 1-3  
New Course ENT6932- Special Topics 1-4  
New Course FIN7808- Theory of Corporate Finance: Readings and Empirics 3  
New Course FIN7843- State of the Art Managerial Finance 3  
New Course MAN6707- Crisis, Contingency and Continuity 3  
New Course MAN6708- Disaster Management for Sustainable Resilience 3  
New Course MAN6709- Technology and Innovation Disaster Management 3  
New Course MAN6926- Field Project 3  
New Course MAN7779- Advanced Management Theory 3  
Program Change MS in Information Technology Management (MSITM) N/A  
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Course Change CNT5108- Embedded Networked Sensor Systems 3  
New Course CDA5637- Cryptographic Engineering 3  
New Course CGN5244- Design and Analysis for Engineering Data 3  
New Course CNT5106- Sensor Networks and Smart Systems 3  
College of Arts & Letters
New Course MUM6647- TV and Film Audio Post-Production Methods 3  
New Course FRW6775- French Caribbean Idea(l)s 3  
New Course FRE6855- Structure of Modern French 3  
New Course LIT6826- Comparative Caribbean Idea(l)s 3  
New Course SPW6775- Spanish Caribbean Idea(l)s 3  
College of Education
Course Change EEX5841- Graduate Teaching Practicum in ESE 1  
Course Change EEX6247- Designing Programs for Students in Special Education N/A  
New Course EEX6767- Instructional Design in Special Education 3  
New Course EEX6849- Graduate Teaching Practicum 1  
 Action Items
Course Title Credit Recommendation from Steering
College of Business
Program Change Crisis and Disaster Management Certificate N/A  
Program Change PH.D. in Business: Add a Concentration, Executive Ph.D. of Business Administration N/A  
College of Education
Program Change M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction (Non-Cert) N/A