February 20, 2019

Graduate Programs  Committee Meeting Agenda 

Time: 2:00 pm
Location: SU-80 Room 132

1) Call to order, sign in and introductions
2) Brief announcements and discussions
3) Review and approval of minutes from the January 23, 2019 GPC meeting
4) Review new curriculum proposals

New Curriculum Proposals for February 20, 2019

Document Type Title College (Department) Credit Action
Reviewers by College: CDSI, Nursing
Program Change English M.A. Program


Program Change Ph.D. in Comparative Studies(1) A&L N/A  
Program Change Ph.D. in Comparative Studies(2) A&L N/A  
Program Change Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies A&L N/A  
 Reviewers by College: Education, Library
New Course ACG5684- Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination Business 3  
New Course  ACG5176- Financial Statement Analysis Concepts and Applications  Business 3  
New Course   ACG5244- Accounting Applications in E-Commerce Business  3  

New Course

 ACG5695- IT Auditing Theory and Practice Business 3  
Program Change Business Analytics Concentration for MBA Business  N/A  
 Reviewers by College: Library, Science
Program Change MSW/MBA Joint Degree Program CDSI N/A  
 Reviewers by College: A&L, CDSI
Course Change SCE6344- Advanced Methods of Environmental Education Education  3  
Course Change SCE6644- Trends and Issues in Environmental Education Education  3  
Course Change SCE6345- Perspectives of Environmental Education Education  3  
Program Change Graduate Certificate in Environmental Education Education N/A  
Program Change M.Ed. in Educational Psychology Education N/A  
 Reviewers by College: A&L, Education
Course Change  CAP5615- Introduction to Neural Networks Engineering 3  
Program Change Graduate Programs in Ocean Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Engineering N/A  
 Reviewers by College: Medicine, Business, Engineering
Program Change Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Concentration Nursing N/A   
Program Change College of Nursing University Graduate College Governance Policy Nursing N/A  
 Reviewers by College: Engineering, Business
Program Change Doctor of Philosophy in Geosciences Science N/A  
Program Change PSM in Medical Physics, Medical Physics Certificate for PhD Holders, Combined BS in Physics/PSM in Medical Physics Science N/A  
Program Change Geographic Information Systems Certificate Science  N/A