February 16, 2016

Items Approved by UGC - Forwarded to UFS Steering

 Consent Items
Course Title Credit Recommendation from Steering
 College of Science
Program Change M.S. with Major in Mathematics N/A  
College of Design and Social Inquiry
New Course SOW 7424: Evidence Informed Practices with Individuals & Implementing Evidence Based Informed Practices with Individuals 3  
New Course SOW 7433: Clinical Social Work Research & Statistics 3  
New Course SOW 7618: Social Work Pedagogy 3  
New Course SOW 7619: Clinical Social Work Supervision and Administration 3  
New Course SOW 7757: Theories & Epistemology of Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice 3  
College of Education
Program Change M.S. in Exercise Science & Health Promotion N/A  
 Action Items
Course Title Credit Recommendation from Steering
College of Arts and Letters
Program Change English Master of Arts in Teaching  N/A  
Program Change M.S. in Music Business Administration N/A