April 18, 2019

Items Approved by UGC March 27, 2019 - Forwarded to UFS Steering

 Consent Items
Course Title Credit Recommendation from Steering
College of Arts & Letters
Course Change   DIG6546- Preproduction, Prototyping and Previsualization 4  
Course Change   DIG6605- Interactive Interface Design 4  
 New Course  MMC6137- Producing and Directing Documentary Film 4  
College of Education
New Course   EDG6931- Special Topics  1-3  
New Course  EDG7931- Special Topics   1-3  
College of Engineering
New Course    CES5144- Structural Health Monitoring   
New Course     EEL5252- Power System Analysis and Control  
New Course    EOC6145- Marine Renewable Energy   
New Course    CAP6640- Natural Language Processing   
New Course CAP6617- Sparse Learning   
New Course  CAP5625- Computational Foundations of Artificial Intelligence  
New Course  CAP6683- Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Healthcare  
New Course  SUR6387- Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing  
 Course Change  TTE6526- Airport Planning and Design  
 Course Change  CEG6124- Soil Stabilization and Geosynthetics  
 Course Change  ENV6418- Water Supply Treatment  
 Course Change  TTE6815- Highway Engineering  
 Course Change ENV6507- Waste Water Treatment   
 Course Change CEG6105- Advanced Foundation Engineering   
Course Change CES6119- Finite Element Methods in Civil Engineering   
Course Change  CEG6129- Pavement Analysis and Design  
College of Medicine
New Course  PCB6916- Direct Independent Research   0-3  
New Course  PCB6915- Direct Independent Research   1-3  
College of Science
New Course  MAD6108- Discrete Mathematics for Teachers   3  
 Course Change PHY6247- Mechanics   3  
Course Change  PHY6346- Electromagnetism  3  
 Course Change    PHY6536- Statistical Mechanics   3  
Course Change     PHY6645- Quantum Mechanics 1  3  
 Course Change PHZ5115- Mathematical Physics   3  
 Course Change PHZ5116- Mathematical Physics 2  3  
Program Change Master of Science in Teaching (Mathematics) N/A  
Program Change Doctor of Philosophy in Geosciences N/A  
Program Change M.S. in Physics and Ph.D. in Physics N/A  
 Action Items
Course Title Credit Recommendation from Steering
College of Engineering and Computer Science
 Program Change  PhD in Computer Science  N/A  
New Self-Supporting Program/Program Change   Professional Master of Science with major in Computer Science  N/A  
New Degree Program Ph.D. with Major in Transportation and Environmental Engineering N/A  
New Degree Program/Program Change Master of Science with Major in Artificial Intelligence N/A  
College of Science/Engineering/Business/Arts&Letters
New Degree Program/Program Change  MS in Data Science and Analytics  N/A   Removed from agenda
Center for Global Engagement/Graduate College
Policy Proposal  English Language Proficiency for Graduate Admission Purposes N/A