Get Started


  1. If applicable, contact the FAU Communications Network representative for your area to discuss the project.

  2. Initial steps for units include:
    1. Collect approvals from those in your area who will need to sign off at any stage of the project.
    2. Locate possible images from the Photography Database and finalize the text to be used. (NOTE: The design process will not begin until the final text has been reviewed and approved by requesting unit and submitted to the designer.) All materials should adhere to the FAU Editorial Standards.
    3. Determine the deadline. See project timelines for guidelines of how long a project might take to complete.
    4. Complete the Creative Services Ticket Request.

  3. Design/Production
    1. A designer will be assigned the project and, if necessary, you will be contacted to discuss the project. A creative brief will be prepared for your review and signature.
    2. The designer will create the material based on your objectives. Proofs will be provided in PDF files via email. (NOTE: Multiple design options are often not possible; the need for multiple designs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.)
    3. While units are reviewing proofs, Creative Services will obtain cost estimates and production schedules (if the project will be printed) from external vendors.
    4. Creative Services will choose the best vendor for each project and handling the proofing and entire print process.
    5. The Creative Services designer will make a maximum of two rounds of editorial changes. After two rounds, the project will receive lower priority and might be delayed.

  4. Final Approval and Printing
    1. Upon final approval of the design, you will need to obtain a purchase order number through the Purchasing Department process in Workday.
    2. You will be asked to include the PO number on a Print Authorization Form (PAF), which contains all specifications of the project (including cost and delivery information) and return to the signed PAF to the designer.
    3. Projects are not sent to the print vendor until a PO is secured and the signed PAF is returned to Creative Services.

  5. Billing Process
    1. All vendor invoices will be sent to the contact listed on the Creative Services ticket request. FAU units are responsible to completing the payment process after receiving printed materials.