Newly Admitted Graduate Students

The Graduate College takes the following efforts to ensure newly admitted graduate students have a smooth transition into FAU’s graduate programs. If you have any suggestions about ways we could improve any of these offerings, please contact

New Graduate Student Checklist

The New Graduate Student Checklist is sent to all newly admitted graduate students. This checklist is included in the acceptance letter packets that are mailed to newly admitted students. The checklist is also available on the Graduate College website, under the Current Student tab. To view the checklist click here.

Graduate Student Orientation Manual

The Graduate Student Orientation Manual is available for newly admitted students on the Graduate College website. The Graduate Student Orientation Manual includes instructional information regarding navigating the MyFAU portal, as well as other helpful university information. Students also receive a hard copy of the orientation manual at the Graduate College orientation. To view the current Graduate Student Orientation Manual click here. Please note: The current orientation manual is the 2019-2020 edition.

New Graduate Student Orientations

The New Graduate Student Orientation dates are posted on the Graduate College website. Newly admitted students will start to receive email invitations to orientation approximately a month before the first orientation session. If your department/program has scheduled any program-specific orientations, please inform the Graduate College by emailing

Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation

The Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Orientation is held to help newly-appointed graduate teaching assistants prepare for their teaching experience in our undergraduate classrooms and laboratories. The GTA Orientation is mandatory for all new GTAs. To learn more about the GTA Orientation, click here. If the academic program offers equivalent training, new GTAs may be exempt from attending the workshop.

Seminar for International Teaching Assistants

Seminar for International Teaching Assistants (SITA) is a multi-purpose program designed to prepare international graduate students to teach undergraduate students at FAU. All International Teaching Assistants are required to successfully pass a Panel Review prior to beginning their teaching assignments. To learn more about the SITA program click here.