FAU Internal Evaluation of Foreign Credentials

Florida Atlantic University evaluates foreign credentials internally. However, the applicant may choose to use a NACES member organization. Click here for the list of NACES members. If an internal evaluation was requested through the admissions application, the following documents must be received 30 business days prior to the admissions deadline by the Graduate College. Click here for a list of credential requirements by college.

  • Official transcripts from all higher education institutions attended in or out of the United States mailed or sent digitally directly to FAU from the issuing institution.
    • Official transcripts stamped and signed by an institutional authority must be received by FAU in an unopened envelope bearing the institutions name and address.
    • If the applicant has not completed their degree at time of application, a partial transcript may be submitted. The final transcript must be submitted after the applicant has completed their degree by the mid-term of the applicant’s initial semester at FAU.
    • Applicants who may have challenges requesting official transcripts to be sent from their previous or current educational institutions should reach out to the Graduate College.
    • An official graduation certificate must be mailed directly to FAU Graduate College from the issuing institution.
      • A diploma or graduation certificate is only required if the degree confirmation date is not officially posted on the transcript.
      • The degree or graduation certificate may be submitted via postal mail or emailed to graduatecollege@fau.edu by the institution.

    • A certified literal (word-for-word) English translation must accompany all academic documents if the original documents' language is not English.
      • Translations must be completed by a certified translator in the area of education.
      • Official translations must be received by FAU in a sealed, unopened envelope bearing the name and address of the issuing authority or may be sent via email to graduatecollege@fau.edu from the issuing authority.
      • If the applicant’s college or university does not provide academic documents in English, we suggest the applicant contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate or local EducationUSA Advising Center and inquire if English translations are provided. The applicant may also use an American Translators Association member. Click here to find an ATA member translation organization.

If the applicant is missing any documentation, or other required information, an FAU evaluator will contact the applicant by e-mail to request additional documentation or information. At this time the evaluation process will be placed on hold until FAU receives all necessary documentation. Applicants are advised to submit all required documentation as early as possible to avoid delaying the admissions process. All documentation received by the Graduate College become property of Florida Atlantic University and will not be returned to the applicant.

Please note that evaluations of all foreign credentials completed by an FAU staff member may only be used for FAU admission purposes.

Click here for additional information for Bologna Process members and other 3-year bachelor's degrees.

Florida Atlantic University reserves the right to require an evaluation of any academic document by a NACES member agency. 

NACES Members link: https://www.naces.org/members

American Translators Association link: https://www.atanet.org/onlinedirectories/search_advanced.php