Wireless Mesh for Secure Communication



People around the world rely on internet and telecommunication services to socialize and share information, making it a critical service for the wellbeing of society. However, a key and often overlooked drawback to the ever-improving network infrastructure is the vulnerability inherent in centralization. This vulnerability is especially appreciable in the event of natural disasters and political unrest, in which cases the entire communication infrastructure may be inoperable, censored, or unsafe to use. 
This project is an effort to provide an auxiliary communication network which is completely decentralized. This is achieved through the creation of a Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET), which utilizes the 802.11ah protocol, termed Wi-Fi HaLow, in tandem with the B.A.T.M.A.N. mesh routing protocol. When combined with end-to-end encrypted communication, messages can be securely exchanged between distant users even in adverse conditions, provided that there are intermediate nodes in range of one another. 

Community Benefit 

Our decentralized communication system removes some of the barriers to communication for vulnerable groups including high-risk journalists, under-developed communities, those at risk of political persecution, and communities suffering from war or natural disasters by providing a means for communication which is affordable, adaptable, and secure. Furthermore, it opens the conversation for further development in electronic communication autonomy. 

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