SE Wimberly Library Upgrade/Renovations

Project 17


The SE Wimberly Library, located in Boca Raton, Florida, on the FAU campus, has requested Future Focused Engineering to design and create a new north entrance, expanded lobby, and a more efficient first and second floor layout.  The primary goal for this project is to create a welcoming entrance for the public and allow for a versatile space for students to study and socialize.  In order to achieve this goal FFE will abide by all Florida Building Codes and ASCE standards. 

Community Benefit

This project will benefit all students, staff and the public.  The new relocated swipe in system will allow for the public to enter the building and cross threw to the other side and will allow a faster and more efficient entrance for the students and staff.  The new lobby extension will allow for more open space for students and the public to be used freely.  Lastly the new first and second floor layout will help create a more efficient space for the staff and students to work and study. 


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