Project 9


Microplastic pollution is a modern and unexplored problem. Many efforts have gone towards preventing the creation of microplastics, but little has been done towards reversing the damage that microplastics have caused. Microplastics are consumed by aquatic life and embedded into everyday human life through consumption, and this can cause major health problems and be fatal if ingested into any aquatic life and potentially human life. Project M.P intends to create a solution which cleans these aquatic environments. This will be done by using a two-stage filtration system, which will be attached to a remote-controlled vessel on the surface of the water. This filtration system is attached to a linear actuator, which allows for the targeting of different depths. This filtration technology can be used on other aquatic vessels such as fishing and recreational boats, and microplastics can be passively filtered using this technology. 


Community Benefit

This device serves the purpose of microplastic pollution reversal, and can collect insightful information on the microplastic densities at critical depths in aquatic environments. 


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Aerospace Technologies Group