Portable Patient Lift

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Current patient lifts present challenges for individuals with mobility needs and limited living space, as traditional designs are bulky and lack portability. This limits their utility for travel and everyday use outside of the home or healthcare facilities. To address this, the Portable Lift Project aims to develop a collapsible lift that can be securely attached to electric wheelchairs. The primary focus is on maintaining strength and safety standards while enhancing travel-friendliness and ease of use. The main requirement for the lift is to smoothly and securely lift 300 pounds of force over the wheelchair, and to safely return the weight back down across the wheelchair. Ultimately, this initiative seeks to benefit the physically disabled community by providing a practical and efficient solution to the challenges posed by conventional patient lifts.


Community Benefit

According to the United States Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there are about 25.5 million Americans with travel-limiting disabilities. Approximately 15.5% of these Americans require a wheelchair for travel. Generally, people with reduced mobility require outside assistance moving from their wheelchairs to other furniture. The portable patient lift provides a quick and lightweight solution for the reduced mobility community.


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