Nanoparticles are present all around us in our daily lives from being present in the air we breathe to being used in various products such as sunscreen, cosmetics, and as food additives. If people inhale these particles in, it can cause damage to their body including lung inflammation and heart problems. Not only that, but these nanoparticles can also end up in water and soil causing toxic aftereffects to the plants and animals in these environments. These nanoparticles will appear on high-resolution imagery, however there is no system to automatically detect and count the number of particles in a particular image.  Our project aims to rectify this by using these high-resolution images along with machine-learning and image-processing techniques to accurately identify, label, and count the nanoparticles in them. 

Community Benefit

Our project is a gateway to new discoveries in medical science, engineering, and nanotechnology. By making nanoparticle analysis more accessible, it empowers researchers and professionals to uncover insights that were previously challenging to obtain. 

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  • Dr. KwangSoo Tang