Multiple Drones Coordination



Addressing the urgent need for enhanced search and rescue capabilities in challenging terrains, the Multiple Drone Coordination Project introduces an innovative fleet of autonomous drones. These drones are equipped with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms for precise people detection and advanced surveying techniques, enabling rapid and efficient aerial surveillance over vast and inaccessible areas. With a centralized communication protocol, the drones coordinate seamlessly, ensuring thorough coverage without overlapping, marking a groundbreaking advancement in emergency response strategies. This cost-effective and innovative project stands as a testament to the power of technology in serving society, offering a beacon of hope and safety for communities worldwide by revolutionizing traditional search and rescue operations. 

Community Benefit 

The Multiple Drone Coordination Project delivers benefits to communities by enhancing search and rescue operations with the use of multiple drones. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms for people detection and sophisticated surveying methods, this system improves the efficiency and success rates of locating individuals lost in disaster-struck zones. By deploying multiple drones that can autonomously navigate and coordinate their search efforts, the project overcomes traditional limitations of ground-based search teams, such as slow progress and difficulty accessing remote or hazardous locations. 

Team Members

Angelina Biafore 

Steven Luongo

Ines Neves 

Kanksha Parikh 

Aira Torres 

Sponsored By:

  • Dr. Xiangnan Zhong