Millimeter Wave Radar for Vital Sign Sensing



The aim of this project is to develop a noncontact method for monitoring vital signs, such as heart rate and respiratory rate. Traditional methods involve placing sensors directly on the subject, which can be uncomfortable and unsanitary. To address these issues, we leverage radar sensor technology, specifically the IWR1642BOOST sensor from Texas Instruments. 

Community Benefit 

Our project utilizes radar technology to transform vital sign monitoring, offering noncontact solutions that enhance patient comfort and safety. By mitigating the risk of pathogen transmission and improving accessibility, particularly in underserved areas, we democratize healthcare access. Furthermore, our system's versatility extends to sports medicine and emergency response, facilitating real-time monitoring in diverse contexts. Through innovative research, we aim to advance biomedical understanding and improve healthcare outcomes globally. 

Team Members

Sponsored By:

  • Georgio Sklivanitis