Message Broker System



The project aims to revolutionize the Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) operational efficiency and technological infrastructure by transitioning from traditional monolithic software architectures to a more flexible, scalable microservices architecture. At its core, this initiative seeks to address the critical challenges of scalability, inter-application communication, and data management inefficiencies. By implementing a robust message broker system and automating the tagging, cataloging, and storage of equipment data, the project intends to significantly reduce operational complexities and resource misallocation. Enhancements in data integrity are also key objectives, ensuring that the NETC can make informed decisions and maintain operational readiness. This strategic overhaul not only aims to improve current processes but also to future-proof the NETC technological capabilities, enabling swift adaptation to emerging technologies and operational demands. 

Community Benefit

The project is the backbone of an automated bookkeeping system. It would ensure that organizations with say large data banks, data that needs organization, or even digitizing information, it forms the platform upon which an automated bookkeeper can receive, sort, store, and retrieve information.

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