Endpoint Protection Agent with Common Lisp and Blockchain

Project 18


The primary goal of this project is to design and implement a console-based endpoint protection agent capable of real-time monitoring and threat detection. This is designed to be the frontline of defense for individual devices protecting them against a wide range of security threats. This project utilizes Common Lisp and Blockchain technology allowing for dynamic updating of threat detection rules and immutable data. Smart contracts are used to handle the interactions between the agent and the blockchain network allowing for interchangeable rules regarding agent updates and data logging. The project utilizes a GRPC API as an application gateway, facilitating communication between the chain code and the agent. We used Hyperledger Fabric as the blockchain platform, providing a solid foundation for monitoring endpoint activities securely and efficiently. This project represents a pioneering approach to cybersecurity, combining the dynamic adaptability of Common Lisp with the robust, immutable security offered by blockchain technology. 

Community Benefit

In the modern digital landscape, cybersecurity is of paramount importance. This project aims to protect enterprise companies by detecting and logging all code deployments to each of their open endpoints. By leveraging the adaptability of Common Lisp alongside the immutable security of blockchain technology, this project stands to benefit communities far beyond its initial target audience. This project is not just about creating a level of protection against attacks. It's about creating a safer digital landscape where businesses can operate without the fear of undocumented cyber breaches allowing companies to focus on growth and innovation. 

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Nikhil Shetty