Creating Images of US Navy Ships 


A system that will identify two specific objects, US Navy ships Arleigh Burke and Ticonderoga. The program will recognize these ships and will take several pictures of them in as many different positions as possible. The program will deliver a vast dataset of images.    

Community Benefit

The objective of our research is to create an advanced system that can accurately detect and record photos of two specific types of US Navy ships: the Arleigh Burke and Ticonderoga-class cruisers. Our system will utilize sophisticated computer vision and image recognition technologies to precisely detect and collect many photographs of these boats from different perspectives and postures. 
The main advantage of this initiative is its ability to greatly improve marine security and monitoring capabilities. Our solution will offer defense and security organizations a comprehensive dataset of photos that specifically capture naval assets. This will enable them to enhance their monitoring and tracking of the movements and activities of these ships. Enhanced situational awareness can assist in safeguarding marine defense, border security, and the preservation of crucial waterways, so contributing to broader national security endeavors.

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