AwareMind focuses on the capabilities of modern smartphone cameras with an AI model to revolutionize Alzheimer’s detection. The objective of this project is to create an easy-to-use iOS and web application that will allow AI to provide patients with immediate results for early Alzheimer’s detection and directly contact their clinician. Patients will be directed to perform specific movements which will then be sent to the AI for Alzheimer's detection. 

Community Benefit

The problem being addressed is the early detection of Alzheimer's disease, utilizing smartphone cameras and AI technology to monitor patients' gait, posture, and balance through specific tasks captured on video.  

AwareMind benefits patients by providing a non-invasive, convenient method for early Alzheimer's detection. Additionally, healthcare providers gain valuable insights through AI-generated predictions, enabling more informed evaluation and personalized care.

AwareMind introduces new methods of Alzheimer’s detection and changes the way patients interact with their clinicians. 

Team Members

Sponsored By: 

  • Dr. Behnaz Ghoraani
  • Mahmoud Seifallahi