Water Monitoring Craft for the Indian River Lagoon

Water Monitoring Craft for the Indian River Lagoon


We have developed “The Water Skimmer” with a catamaran style design and air boat like propulsion the craft is highly stable, maneuverable and fast while still capable of carrying a large quantity of electronics. Installed on board are 7 different sensors including the primary data collection turbidity, anemometer, temperature and ultra sonic. RC controlled, the craft can be managed and monitored over long distances On missions, it can save all water quality data onboard for further analysis when complete with its mission.

Community Benefit

The Water Skimmer brings value to the market as it’s a unique piece of technology that one ups current deployed methods. Our prototype stands as an example of operation and a base unit for future improvements and modifications. With nearly endless possible additions to the craft, it’s a highly desirable platform that can be used for improving water quality monitoring around the world.

Team Members


FAU Office of Undergraduate Research & Inquiry (OURI) & FAU Wave