Leader and Follower with TurtleBot Robots 

Leader and Follower with TurtleBot Robots 


The goal of this project is to run a leader-follower system on multiple Turtlebots with autonomous collision avoidance.  This can be implemented in transportation and search and rescue missions with enough development.  A leader robot or a human can lead more robots in a line.  The robots are equipped with simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). If the robot cannot avoid an object, it would need to be able to move around the given obstacle and be able to keep up with the leader.  Once a robot has reached its destination, it will idle until further movement.

Community Benefit

The leader-follower system can be used in the real world. Some refining can be done through the code so that it can navigate tighter spaces. This can be solved by predetermining the leader path so that the other robots are able to follow the leader robot.

Team Members


Dr Zhen Ni