Emlaleni Mabovini Footbridge (Ingenium Connections)

Emlaleni Mabovini Footbridge (Ingenium Connections)


The Emlaleni Mabovini project is a proposed suspended footbridge to be constructed in Eswatini with Engineers in Action (EIA). The Mhkulamini community is in need of a footbridge due to the severe swelling of the Mgonyane River during their rainy reason and due to the drastic steep slope on the left-hand side of the bridge. Injuries and in some cases, death, have resulted from locals attempting to cross the river. These conditions have cut-off access to essential services such as healthcare, education, and local markets.

Community Benefit

The construction of this bridge has now given more than 3,800 community members the ability to safely cross the Mgonyane river year-round. With year-round access, locals will be able to access nearby markets, healthcare, work, and education. This access will overall stimulate their economy and strengthen the community’s intrapersonal bond.

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