Clewiston WTTP Nutrient Reduction (Liquidiem South Florida)

Clewiston WTTP Nutrient Reduction (Liquidiem South Florida)


The Clewiston Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) has been inconsistent with removing contaminants from the water to meet the permitted parameters. The City of Clewiston would like to increase capacity of the facility from 1.5 MGD to 2.2 MGD to meet future demand. The facility will need to show it is able to reduce nutrient levels in the water consistently to permitted parameters before being allowed to increase capacity.

Community Benefit

Liquidiem South Florida has developed a design that implements the use of Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) and Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors (MABR) to improve nutrient reduction efficiency and process redundancy. An Electron Magnetic Oxygen Hydrogen (EMOH) system and aquatic vegetation will be utilized in Holding Pond 1, further improving the efficiency of the WWTP’s treatment.

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The City of Clewiston