Automated Retrieval System (A.R.S.)

Automated Retrieval System (A.R.S.)


In warehouses and distribution centers, manual picking processes can be time-consuming and costly and result in a multitude of discrepancies. The goal of the Automated Retrieval System is to develop an autonomous picking solution that increases the efficiency of the overall picking process. This device can be implemented as a standalone procedure or as a supplementary picking solution to existing picking processes. For either implementation, excess overstock would be utilized to stock the locations so that current picking procedures are not negatively affected. As a result, the overall picking efficiency can only be increased.

Community Benefit

The Automated Retrieval System's design achieves this by automating the physical action of picking an item whereas existing designs only focus on improving the movement of products around a warehouse. The system operates in both manual and automated modes both of which utilize a vacuum-picking tool to retrieve the requested items from nine different picking locations. Overall, the Automated Retrieval System is an effective way to improve current manual picking procedures. With the implementation of such a system, inventory discrepancies and picking errors can be reduced in distribution centers resulting in an improvement in overall efficiency.

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FAU Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI)