Affordable Housing at Florida Atlantic University (Upcycle Engineering)

Affordable Housing at Florida Atlantic University (Upcycle Engineering)


Up-cycle engineering was tasked to design and propose initial ideas on how to meet the needs and wants of the FAU Community on an affordable housing unit. A major issue presented was an influx of people at a higher rate than normal in the Boca Raton area. Those rising costs as well as the crippled economy have led to the need for affordable housing units. This housing will first and foremost be able to meet the LEED gold standard while keeping costs low.

Community Benefit

Our total number of undergraduates this project will be able to house is 1148. The total number of graduate student rooms proposed is 304 Rooms. All of the parking needs are satisfied, we will have 441 parking spaces indoor garage and 367 open parking spaces. Seven multiple purposes spaces, including a restaurant, dental office, small market, break room, daycare center, and coffee shop.

Team Members


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