Affordable Housing at Florida Atlantic University (Novus Engineering)

Affordable Housing at Florida Atlantic University (Novus Engineering)


The high cost of living in the City of Boca Raton and surrounding areas, coupled with the lack of living space for FAU students presents FAU with the challenge of not being able to attract students, faculty, and staff, and much less provide space for them to live in.

Thus, Novus Engineers proposes a mixed-use affordable housing project that will accommodate students, faculty and staff while being both sustainable and innovative, to improve living conditions for future generations.

Community Benefit

The design will be LEED Platinum, showing the team’s dedication to sustainability and the environment. The design will promote residents to stay on campus through its mixed-use design and will attract visitors to campus which will allow for FAU to grow. The project construction has considered the endangered species on campus to ensure that they will not be harmed and misplaced during construction.

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