Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

App for Predicting Heart Failure Based on Wearable Sensor Data


We have created a mobile application to assist doctors in assessing their patients’ risk of heart failure. Patients will be equipped with wearable sensors that collect information related to their cardiovascular health, such as ECG and heart rate. The data will be displayed to their doctor via the application so they can assess the information and make a prediction about the patient’s potential for heart failure. This can facilitate early detection of the condition, which has positive benefits on reducing complications.

Community Benefit: Heart failure is a significant health concern that can have detrimental effects for those affected. It is challenging for medical professionals to assess their patient’s risk of heart failure through routine doctors' visits and questionnaire-type assessments alone. By collecting vital data in real time via the wearable sensors and displaying it to the doctor at the convenience of their cell phone, they will have access to a bigger picture overview of their patient’s cardiovascular health and be able to make more informed, accurate predictions for heart failure.

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