The emergence and integration of artificial intelligence in education has provided the means to enhance the learning experience and to create content that is personalized to individual needs. The language learning model, ChatGPT, is powered by artificial intelligence and trained with internet text to engage with users by generating dynamic and contextually appropriate conversations. The primary objective of the project is to develop an educational system with the GPT model to generate learning activities that are based on study materials. The system consists of a web application with a client-server architecture. Documents with learning materials are uploaded to the user interface and generated questions that are personalized to the uploaded documents are displayed in multiple formats. Once the activities are completed, submission reports with feedback and personalized study plans are generated to further assist users in their academic journey.


Community Benefit

Our project can be used to assist user to assess their knowledge of their study material and prepare for examinations with dynamically generated activities. The system offers personalized education and learning opportunities for users with diverse learning needs and preferences to achieve their academic goals.


Team Members

Peter Gonzalez

Aiyaan Nayani

Martin Nieves Hernandez

Jeff Platel

Rodrigo Rocha Rabelo



Dr. David Jaramillo