SmartQuest - Enhancing NPCs and Gameplay using LLMs



Video game experiences seeking to immerse players often falter due to the static nature of non-playable characters (NPCs). Traditional NPC dialogues and questlines, reliant on fixed scripts and pre-recorded lines, result in predictable and monotonous interactions. Additionally, the significant financial and time costs associated with game development create a substantial barrier between large game publishers and independent developers. SmartQuest aims to bridge this gap by introducing an innovative approach to NPC interaction in both traditional and virtual reality (VR) gaming.

Our project, SmartQuest, revolutionizes player-NPC interaction by integrating advanced technologies such as OpenAI's ChatGPT and Elevenlabs Speech Synthesis into a VR environment powered by Unreal Engine. This integration enables dynamic, unscripted conversations and emotional responses from NPCs, providing a level of immersion and engagement previously unattainable in VR gaming. By allowing players to interact with NPCs through both speech and action, SmartQuest not only enhances the gaming experience but also democratizes game development, making sophisticated NPC interactions and complex quest actions accessible to a broader range of developers.


Community Benefit

SmartQuest's approach significantly lowers the barriers to sophisticated game development, especially for independent developers. The financial and time investment required for traditional NPC development often places high-quality game creation beyond the reach of smaller studios. By providing a framework for complex NPC interactions without the need for extensive resources, SmartQuest democratizes game development. This technological democratization has the potential to spur innovation, diversity, and creativity in the gaming industry, leading to a wider range of voices and stories within the gaming world. Our project, therefore, not only transforms the player experience but also nurtures a more inclusive and vibrant game development community.


Team Members

Gianfranco Batoni

William Donahue 

Nathaniel-Ashton Mchenry-Moreau

Zayne Melnick

Joao Staziaki 



Kasey Dale - Software of America