Secure File Sharing

Secure File Sharing


Security is an ever-present need in the software industry. Data is now a far more precious commodity than many physical assets. Like these physical assets, data must be protected and transmitted securely.

While there are many ways that applications have attempted this. The Secure File Sharing App is unique in its implementation and offer the ability to block access to protected data through a vast array of tools including machine learning to visually validate consumers of the content before access can be established. Also, users have the ability to restrict access to media geographically and through concurrent access restrictions. These features are fully configurable by media owners.


Community Benefit

This app will give retail and commercial consumers even more options to control access to data in a way that does not require large amounts of technical knowledge.


Team Members

Ivan Bruno-Gaston 

Clinton Hoang

Michael Mattis

Jason Polanco

Diego Salvatierra


Sponsored By

Dr. Hari Kalva