Safe Boat-Launch System

Safe Boat-Launch System


The safe boat-launch system uses a modified electric winch integrated onto a boat trailer that extends to allow the boat to be safely launched into the water without the use of other equipment or manpower. The design of the system takes into consideration the varying depths of water levels and allows for the boat to be easily launched at any water level. The safe boat-launch system is designed to significantly reduce the risk of accidents to provide a reliable and safe way to launch a boat off of a trailer down a boat ramp. In addition to the safety benefits, the safe boat-launch system also provides other advantages for boaters. For example, the system eliminates the need for assistance from other people, which can be helpful for boaters who are launching their boats alone. The system also eliminates the need to deal with slippery algae on the ramp, which can be a major safety concern for boaters. Overall, this project demonstrates the potential for innovative and practical solutions that can make boating safer and more convenient for everyone.


Community Benefit

Our design can benefit any boat user to avoid loss of the tow vehicle due to slippage into the water and minimize the vehicle’s corrosion. Although an experienced boater can typically maneuver a boat ramp, vehicle corrosion from the marine environment is virtually unavoidable. A sensor is integrated at the rear of the trailer to notify the user when the water has reached a specific height on the boat transom for a safe launch mission.


Team Members

Excelomano Daniel

Nelson Menyaga

Anthony Nguyen

Nicholas Tenley

Marlyn Zerbock


Sponsored By:

FAU Office of Undergraduate Research & Inquiry (OURI)