S-22 Spillway Structure

S-22 Spillway Structure


Hydraulic Engineering Solutions objective includes enhancing the S-22 structure, a two-bay reinforced concrete gated spillway located in the C-2 Canal (Snapper Creek) and installing forward pumps to provide resiliency and maintain basin levels, while considering future conditions.


Community Benefit

Watershed and canal systems are important to local communities and the environment. Protecting the entire basin requires ensuring that the canal continues to drain properly through the use of the spillway structure. The installation of constructed wetlands on the site's green space will contribute to flood control, coastal resiliency, and the improvement of water quality, all of which will have an overall positive impact on the C-2 basin.


Team Members

Emile Bastien 

Nadine Faramawi 

Emerson Gonzalez Cristobal 

Erik Vilca 



South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)