Physiotherapy Device: WiFi-Enabled Passive Exercise

Physiotherapy Device: WiFi-Enabled Passive Exercise


Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) exercises are standard procedure following joint injury or surgery, often introduced early in the rehabilitation process and even in post-therapy situations. The Physiotherapy Device provides at-home CPM exercise with Internet-of-Things (IoT) integration and data logging capability. Through a touchscreen display, range-of-motion (ROM) exercises targeting patient(s) knee joints are conducted and real-time data/live visualizations displayed for patient(s) to view. An array of metrics collected during device use are shared instantly over WiFi, allowing Doctors or Physical Therapists to monitor patient progress.


Community Benefit

Orthopedic rehabilitation is a strenuous process for most, and at times, there exist numerous barriers to physiotherapy adherence hindering patients' recovery and overall outcomes. The

Physiotherapy Device addresses lack of attendance, clinic commutes and appointments, shortages of physical therapists and clinicians, and increasing patient volume. By enabling both patients to conduct passive knee joint exercise from home and physical therapists to monitor in real-time, the data collected, this device benefits Orthopedic physical therapy as a whole. The Physiotherapy Device aims to combat these barriers to therapy adherence while allowing for patients and therapists to engage remotely.


Team Members

Sebastian Blanco

Kevin Mccready

Tashera Thompson

Tommy Truong

Alexander Zielnicki


Sponsored By:

FAU Office of Undergraduate Research & Inquiry (OURI)