Life Path


LifePath - a cutting-edge mobile app, redefines photo memory experiences, offering users personalized audio-video recommendations and expertly curated photo libraries. This seamless experience is delivered through the mastery of Artificial Intelligence, which tailors audio-video recommendations and albums to the nuances of locations, faces, dates, and more. In a digital age marked by cluttered galleries, LifePath stands as a transformative solution, providing users with a more engaging and efficient means to navigate their treasured memories.


Community Benefit

LifePath is an AI powered application that gives users a personalized photo memories experience, creating audio-video recommendations for various photo memories, and organizing them into unique albums. LifePath gives users an easier way to access their respective photo libraries, as well as save, create, and share specific memories without the hassle of having to skim through countless photos manually.


Team Members

Syed Haque 

Kazrious Harper 

Randolph Henry 

Jayde Shaw 

Julio Zorrilla


Sponsored By

Gerry Purdy