First-Aid Bot

first aid bot poster


First-Aid bot’s goal is to create an audio-based application that can be uploaded or receive spoken input and then automatically transcribe audio files into text using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) models already developed, the transcribed text will be preprocessed and converted into numerical embeddings, which will then be saved in a vector database. On the basis of the semantic similarity between the user's question and the stored embeddings, the application will be able to receive inquiries from users and obtain and show applicable data or responses.


Community Benefit

This project's significance is far-reaching, with potential benefits in information retrieval, accessibility, and human-computer interactions. It addresses a crucial need by providing accurate audio-to-text transcription, enabling individuals with hearing loss to access information and digital content on par with their hearing peers. It also improves data analysis and retrieval by creating embeddings and a robust vector database. Additionally, the project advances conversational interfaces and voice-enabled technology, potentially reshaping the way individuals interact with technology.


Team Members

Jamar Andrade

Charles Bazile

Cesaire Civil 

Diego Gama 

Christopher Rodriguez 



Modernizing Medicine