Financial Insights

Financial Insights


Students are faced with more and more financial issues every year, from higher student loans to low awareness of the importance of things like their credit scores. By easily laying out different categories of spending, like groceries, gas, shopping, etc., side by side with income, loans, and insurance payments, students can easily see a snapshot of their finances. We provide this information to them via a Node.Js and React webpage that intuitively displays their finances, which are securely acquired via Plaid API.


Community Benefit

What Financial Insights aspires to do is to give students an in depth awareness of every aspect associated with their finances, from a breakdown on their student loans, to their car insurance, to what they are spending on groceries. Giving them access to these breakdowns and allowing them to see what is affecting their finances in such detail could make or break a students financial situation.


Team Members

Rashawn Hill

Bethlyn Joseph 

Omar Khan 

Natalie King