Customer Service AI Chatbot

Customer Service AI Chatbox


Our mobile application is made to satisfy the many needs that our customers or users aspire to have. This application is to help our users or anyone who would like to get to know or understand what Lifepath is all about. They’ll be able to ask questions concerning the company as a whole or simple questions such as, where their many memories are being saved. Our backend relies on Flask, which ensures server-side operations. Firebase/Firestore handles database management and user authentication. We finetuned the GPT-3.5 Turbo model with Python for advanced natural language processing. React native and Typescript serves as the frontend framework for cross-platform mobile app development, using Visual Studios Code for our IDE.


Community Benefit

Our application revolutionizes the LifePath experience by introducing a 24/7 artificial intelligence chatbot, offering users a dynamic platform to seek information, ask questions, and engage with LifePath effortlessly. Whether users have specific FAQs, seek guidance on various topics, or simply want to learn more about the company, our AI chatbot is ready to respond promptly. This innovative feature fosters a sense of community by providing instant access to valuable insights, creating an inclusive environment where even brief inquiries are met with informative responses. In doing so, our application empowers users, enriching their LifePath experience and fostering a connected community of continuous learning and exploration.


Team Members

Jeffry Castro 

Kenny Demosthene

Ricky Gould



Gerry Purdy - LifePath