Bomb Identifying and Tagging Drone

 Bomb Identifying and Tagging Drone


Landmine bombs have accounted for 15,000 to 20,000 annual deaths between 1999 and 2006, with an additional 1,000 deaths per year since 2009. Although there is a widespread demining effort across the world, current and previous conflicts present an ever-increasing worry for preservation of life within conflict zones. The Bomb Identifying & Tagging Drone aims to aid in this demining effort. This quadcopter (4 propellor) drone system will be equipped with a metal detector paired with a tagging system to mark the location of the identified landmine bombs. The device’s specific objective will be to navigate a given area where possible Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) may be located. The drone will be operated by a user that will be able to see what the drone camera sees, as well as real time data on what our metal detector is detecting. Once the drone detects something on or below the surface, an actuator will be triggered by the user that will release a small GPS tag to mark its position. The position of these tags will be visible to the user on a display which will identify all areas of concern.


Community Benefit

As conflicts across the world arise, the ever-present need to prevent loss of human life within war zones is an increasing worry to many. Our group aims to provide an additional layer of safety for the armed forces while they navigate through enemy territory. The intent of the fabrication of the Bomb Identifying & Tagging Drone is to prevent accidental detonation of these landmines, reducing possible casualties of soldiers and civilians.


Team Members

Grace Botte

Kimberley Calixte 

Bradley Gaskins

Bastian Weiss


Sponsored By:

Florida Atlantic University