Autonomous Utility Cart

Autonomous Utility Cart


Sometimes, we need extra hands or a helper to move around. The Autonomous Utility Cart is a target-following cart that provides hands-free assistance to users in multiple areas of use. With the utilization of the Pixy 2 Camera and ultrasonic sensors, the cart can lock on to a target and follow it while being able to hold up to 30lbs. The Arduino Mega microcontroller communicates with the sensors and motor controller to provide steering and mobility in response to the target's movement.

The cart reduces the spread of germs through contactless operation and is even safe to use for the elderly or disabled. This an approach to modernize several industries such as retail, manufacturing, and health care.


Community Benefit

COVID-19 had a global impact involving the spread of the virus and the new protocols to reduce the risk of contagion. The Autonomous Utility Cart provides a contactless consumer experience that will reduce the risk of contracting germs during operation by multiple users. The cart also targets those with disabilities or impairments who would face adversity with a standard shopping cart or roller basket. The Autonomous Utility Cart provides an overall safe and modern experience for tasks that require the relocation of several objects.


Team Members

Dylan Bunzick

Louisclaudin Guillaume 

Da'Shaun Holmes 

Coralys Soto 

Matthew Volini