Autonomous Power Substation Inspection Robot

Autonomous Power Substation Inspection


Power substations play a crucial role in transmitting electricity to commercial and residential customers. Substations serve as reliable nodes in electrical grids, but they experience issues occasionally. To ensure the efficient distribution of electricity and mitigate downtime, regular inspections of these substations and their components are needed. Traditionally, inspections are performed by qualified personnel who physically walk through the substation, visually inspect equipment, checking gauges, signage, and other relevant information. An autonomous robot is here to patrol and look out for overheated and defective parts.


Community Benefit

Our goal is to provide an autonomous robot that routinely patrols a substation to detect components that are defective or overheated. Utilizing this robot will help achieve the following: make it easier to have power substations tended to; increase rate of fault detection, decrease downtime; reduce risk of harm by automating inspections.


Team Members

Grant Fairfield 

Souveny Francois

Chana Jaimovich

John Kantlehner

Daniel Ramirez 



Dr. Yufei Tang