Autonomous Aquatic Trash Collector (AATC)

Autonomous Aquatic Trash Collector (AATC)


Trash pollution is one of the worst forms of pollution for the world's environment since most trash is plastic, which breaks down into microplastics. Microplastics can be consumed by marine life, which is proven to be fatal or cause major health complications. The objective of the Autonomous Aquatic Trash Collector (AATC) is to prevent trash from piling up in our waterways by using a robotic arm to clean up ponds or slow-moving canals. However, the system goes beyond these solutions by combining computer vision and robotics to accomplish its goals. This system incorporates solar energy to extend the run time of the AATC for longer missions and to maximize the amount of trash that can be collected. This cost-effective solution provides a self-sufficient way to collect plastic pollution efficiently without damaging vegetation or marine life.


Community Benefit

This device will make an impact by cleaning up plastic in small bodies of water to reduce the microplastics that could be consumed by marine life and humans. The system will be able to pick up aquatic pollution in tough-to-reach areas along the waterline using a robotic arm and a pontoon structure.


Team Members

Lindley Dykema 

Christopher Gentile

Connor Hopgood

Ryan Kaczmarek