About the CWR3


In response to the devastating effects of flooding on human safety and home properties, the Center for Water Resiliency and Risk Reduction (CWR3) was established at Florida Atlantic University to help local communities develop mitigation strategies and participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS).

Specifically, CWR3 is  a clearinghouse for watershed master planning tools and policies, including best available mapping data, outreach/public education materials for flood risk, incentives to reduce future losses, and mitigation strategies, particularly green infrastructure options. The Center will assist communities with sophisticated modeling tools for assessing stormwater risk and solutions, as well as develop mitigation techniques to maintain water resilience during emergencies. CWR3 also provides technical support to communities that participate in or wish to participate in the CRS.

The Center for Water Resiliency and Risk Reduction (CWR3) was created in 2020 by the FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science, and it is a collaborative project involving a team of faculty and student researchers from multiple colleges and universities.

CWR3 Capabilities and Accomplishments

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Student Outcome and Publications from Phase I FDEM Watershed Planning Project

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