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Directed Independent Graduate Student Projects

SDR_array SDR_arrayv2

Topic: Signal direction-of-arrival estimation on software-defined radios. MUSIC-based techniques with L2-norm and L1-norm subspaces
Student: Jose Toledo
Course: EEL6905 DIS, Spring 2019

Undergraduate Student Research with NSF REU Site in Sensing & Smart Systems

  • Summer 2019
    • Wireless remote command and control of underwater vehicles
    • Inflatable underwater acoustic co-prime sensing arrays (work with Dr. Bing Ouyang and Dr. Yanjun Li from FAU HBOI)
    ROV1 ROV2 ROV3 Array1 Array2

High School Student Research

Topic: Wireless Acoustic Control of Underwater Vehicles 
Student: Pavan Kumar, 11th grade
School: American Heritage High School Palm Beach Campus
Topic: Acoustic Energy Harvesting for Batteryless Underwater IoT
Student: Jayden Noel, dual-enrolled FAU high school student and FAU undergraduate
School: FAU A.D. Henderson University School
lora CharliePhilips
Topic: Design and demonstration of LoRa-based mesh networks 
Student: Charlie Philips, rising junior in the Comp. Sc./ International Baccalaureate Program
School: Suncoast High School

FAU Engineering Academy 

One-week summer experience Software-defined Radios for Cognitive Connected Robots and Autonomous Systems
Instructor: Dr. George Sklivanitis
sdr camp 1 sdr camp 2 sdr camp 3 sdr camp 4 sdr camp 5
FAU Marine Robotics Club
wam auv

FAU Center for CA-AI members mentor team OWLTONOMOUS for the 2018 AUVSI Maritime RobotX Challenge [Journal Paper Report]
More info about the club can be found here

IEEE Workshop on Wireless Communications and Networking in Extreme Environments

wcnee1 wcnee2 wcnee3 wcnee4 wcnee5

FAU Center for CA-AI members co-organize annually (since 2017) an IEEE-sponsored workshop on Wireless Communications and Networking in Extreme Environments (IEEE WCNEE) to bring together academic researchers and industrial players to share their research findings and technical contributions, from the physical all the way to the application layer in realizing underwater, aerial, underground, intra-body, rural and space wireless communication networks with a focus on bridging the gaps between theory, algorithms, prototypes, testbeds, demonstration and production networks. 





Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks for Environmental Monitoring

algae1 algae2 algae3 algae4

FAU Center for CA-AI members deploy software-defined underwater acoustic platforms and sea-surface buoys with dual RF/acoustic communication modems to advance existing warning detection mechanisms for harmful algae bloom detection in the Sandusky Bay, in Lake Erie, in northern Ohio