PhD Program Dissertation and Progress Reviews

Following successful completion of the dissertation proposal defense (General Exam II), the student is expected to engage in an intensive program of course work and doctoral dissertation based on a major, original research project. During each subsequent semester, the student´s supervisory committee will review the progress. If at any time the student´s progress in the research is found to be unsatisfactory, the supervisory committee will report to the department chairperson, inform the student in writing as to the nature of the difficulties, and record the committee´s opinion in the student´s file. The student will then be given ample opportunity to improve performance and defend the student´s position at a further review meeting held at the end of the semester. If no improvement has been demonstrated, the student´s future program, including the continuation of stipend and tuition waiver, may be reconsidered.

By the beginning of the semester in which the degree is to be conferred, a candidate for the Doctor of Philosophy degree must deliver a draft of the dissertation to the supervisory committee. Not less than two weeks after the submission of the first draft of the dissertation, the candidate is expected to give a seminar covering the results of the research; this seminar will be followed by a dissertation examination by the supervisory committee. The seminar should be given as early as possible, but not later than two months before the degree is to be conferred.

The PhD dissertation final version must be approved by the supervisory committee and department chairperson and submitted to the dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at least one week prior to the due date for submission to the FAU Graduate College. The candidate is responsible for allowing sufficient time for members of the supervisory committee to examine the dissertation. The dissertation must be delivered to the department in the format described in a pamphlet titled Graduate Theses and Dissertations Guidelines. The guidelines may be obtained from the Graduate College or from the Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering.

Upon receiving approval from the Graduate College and following completion of all other University requirements, the degree will be recommended. Application for the degree must be made one semester before the semester of graduation.