PhD Mechanical Engineering Program Requirements

Course Work and Research

The work for the PhD degree must consist of research and advanced studies in Mechanical Engineering (ME), and the student who previously obtained a master's degree will be required to complete a minimum of 42 credits of course and dissertation work for the PhD. At least 12 of the credits must be taken from the mechanical engineering list of courses and all core course  requirements must be satisfied. A minimum of 24 credits of doctoral dissertation research will be required. No more than 30 dissertation credits may be counted towards  the PhD degree. Students admitted to the Ph.D. directly after the BS degree must take a minimum of 30 dissertation credits *. The remaining credits may be selected from the listing of mechanical engineering courses, advanced mathematics courses, elective courses, directed independent study (DIS), or dissertation. A minimum of 9 credits of graduate-level mathematics must be satisfied.

See the BS to PhD Direct-Path Program for outstanding students.

* Changes are effective for students admitted to the program in Spring 2020 or later.