MSOE Core Course Requirements

All MS graduate students, regardless of option or specialty, must complete the following core courses or must offer a satisfactory substitute course of similar content from another university or an appropriate substitute consistent with the student's specialty for approval by the supervisory committee via a departmental petition:

  • Mathematical Methods in Ocean Engineering I* (EOC 5172)
  • Engineering Data Analysis (EOC 6635)
  • Physical Aspects of Oceanography (OCP 6050)

In addition, two of the following five courses must be taken:

  • Advanced Mechanics of Materials** (EOC 6533)
  • Mathematical Methods in Ocean Engineering II* (EOC 6174)
  • Advanced Hydrodynamics I (EOC 6185)
  • Corrosion I (EOC 6216C)
  • Engineering Principles of Acoustics (EOC 6317C)
  • Special Topics (EOC 6934)

* Students with an advanced mathematics competency may obtain exemption upon entrance to the program for Mathematical Methods in Ocean Engineering I (EOC 5172) and/or Mathematical Methods in Ocean Engineering II (EOC 6174). These students must demonstrate to their advisor, using course descriptions, that the equivalent of five to six courses beyond calculus, including areas such as differential equations, advanced calculus, matrix theory, complex analysis, and probability and statistics have been taken. Approval by the graduate programs committee is also required.

** May be substituted with Theory of Elasticity (EOC 6934).