MS Transfer Credits

A maximum of 12 credits of graduate-level work earned at FAU as an undergraduate or while in non-degree status at FAU and a maximum of 6 credits earned at another recognized institution prior to admission to the ocean or mechanical engineering graduate program may be transferred to a student's MS degree program subject to the following restrictions:

  1. The student must present a transcript identifying the course, in which the student has earned a grade of "B" or better, along with a catalog/ course description.
  2. The course must not have been counted toward any other graduate or undergraduate degree awarded or to be awarded to the student. Exceptions exist in the BSOE to MS degree program and the BSME to MS degree program where up to 12 credits may be counted towards both the BS and MS degrees.
  3. The student's advisor and the ocean and mechanical engineering graduate program coordinator, who may seek the advice of other faculty if needed, will decide whether to accept or reject the course credit.
  4. No credit earned ten or more years before the degree is awarded may be counted toward a graduate degree.