The Jewish Studies program offers a major (35 credits) and a minor (18 credits) for students wishing to study various forms of Jewish culture throughout the centuries.

The Jewish Studies program offers a BA degree and a minor in Jewish Studies. These are offered at the Boca Raton campus, although some Jewish Studies courses are regularly offered at other sites.

Both the BA and minor program are open to all students wishing to study various forms of Jewish culture throughout the centuries. They may be especially useful for:

  • those thinking about vocational opportunities in Jewish communal and educational organizations (community centers, family service bureaus, federations; camp administration; teaching in Hebrew or day schools);
  • students contemplating careers as rabbis, or cantors;
  • students considering academic careers in Jewish Studies;
  • students wishing to study Jewish literature, culture, and history;
  • students preparing for meaningful participation in interfaith religious dialogue;
  • students considering graduate study in religion or any aspect of western civilization and/or culture.

The Minor in Jewish Studies is the equivalent of an interdisciplinary minor. It provides students with the opportunity to enhance any undergraduate degree with a focused program of study that concentrates on Judaism and Jewish culture and history. Those enrolled in the program come to understand that various forms of Judaism emerged over the course of time and in response to changing conditions. Additionally, by studying the Holocaust and understanding the watershed nature of this awful event, students are better able to detect warning signs of future genocides anywhere, e.g. anti-Semitism, racism, and prejudice, thereby enabling them to contribute to making the world a safer and more tolerant place.