Goals of the Jewish Studies Program

Our focus is twofold:

  • Education - as a scholarly curriculum that offers Jewish Studies degrees (major and certificate) that engages students in a rich interdisciplinary curriculum, spanning Jewish history, literature, languages, and culture
  • Outreach - as a bridge that extends into the larger metropolitan of South Florida community, through events and cultural activities

Curricular Objectives: The Jewish Studies Program offers a program that allows students to further their basic understanding of Jewish Studies as an interdisciplinary field. The program utilizes an overarching approach that covers Jewish religion, culture, and history. Therefore, Hebrew Language, Jewish literature, Religion, History, Holocaust, and Israel are essential areas to the program.

Long-term Objectives:

  • The Program seeks to foster among the general educated public an awareness of the importance of Jewish Studies by a variety of means
  • The Program will develop an active outreach program with the general and the Jewish Community
  • The Program will offer continuing education to educators and professionals at Jewish schools and organizations through the Certificate Program
  • The Program intends to play a significant role in coordinating Jewish Studies among various universities and Jewish Agencies, and Jewish Educational Institutions throughout South Florida
  • Maximize the effectiveness of our outreach, extra-curricular, study-abroad, internships, and adult education programs
  • Offer a wider array of courses and specialties
  • Offer individual lecture and lecture series
  • Conduct capital campaign to fund growth and expansion of Jewish Studies
  • Dedicate physical space for the Jewish Studies Center on campus, which will include, but not limited to; telephone, an assistant, and operational budget
  • Develop additional major in Jewish Education

Short-term Objectives:


  • The Program maintains an active outreach program
  • Develop a professional development program for teachers who teach in Jewish day school and supplementary schools
  • Dedicate physical space for the Jewish Studies Program on campus
  • Reach a minimum of 20-30 graduates of Jewish Studies major or Jewish education Major or minor per academic year


  • Maintain a minimum of 10-15 students in each Jewish Studies class
  • Explore the initiative to offer a wide array of academic activities or/and courses
  • Develop a plan to recruit additional students to expand the program
  • Develop an outreach program for the Jewish Studies in the community
  • Develop an outreach program for high schools students
  • Expand the Hebrew Language Program
  • Improve the web site
  • Develop a professional brochure to advertise the program
  • Develop relationships and collaboration with Jewish Agencies in South Florida
  • Obtain the power to issue teaching certificates to teachers in Jewish day school and supplementary schools
  • Search and apply for available grants