Beginning Hebrew Language and Culture 1 (HBR 1120) - 4 credits
This course develops primary language skills, through extensive practice in reading and writing. Since emphasis is put on the sentence as a unit of language, students are engaged from the very beginning in creative writing and speech. Basic competence in grammar and comprehensive reading is achieved as well. Communication skills are enhanced by engaging in conversations based on everyday situations, and a variety of cultural topics. No previous knowledge of Hebrew is required.

Beginning Hebrew Language and Culture 2 (HBR 1121) - 4 credits
This course further develops primary language skills that were introduced in the previous semester. Basic competence in the four areas of language (comprehensive reading, creative writing, grammar and speech) is acquired through extensive practice of grammar, reading various Hebrew and Israeli texts and through writing. Communication skills are enhanced by engaging in conversations based on everyday situations.

Intermediate Hebrew Language and Culture 1 (HBR 2220) - 4 credits
The course emphasizes cognitive academic language proficiency as well as communication skills. Competence in the four areas of language (comprehensive reading, creative writing, grammar, and speech) is acquired through practice of grammar, reading of various Hebrew texts, class discussions, and composition writing. The objectives of this course are twofold: development of language skills and preparing the students to approach Hebrew literature in an analytical and comprehensive manner. Students develop conversational skills by regular participation in class presentations and discussions of current events and cultural issues. Advance grammatical forms are integrated into the reading material, which is selected from various Hebrew, sources.

Intermediate Hebrew Language and Culture 2 (HBR 2221) - 4 credits

Readings in Intermediate Hebrew (HBR 2240) - 4 credits

Directed Independent Study (HBR 4905) - 1-4 credits

Special Topics (HBR 4930) - 1-4 credits

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Jewish Studies Courses

Classical Jewish Civilization (JST 3403) - 3 credits
A survey of Judaic studies from Biblical times to the beginning of Jewish Emancipation in the late 1700s. Topics include Jewish holy texts, Jewish history in Temple times, Judaism and the foundations of Christianity and Islam; Medieval Jewish history, the changing role of women in Jewish culture, Hasidism, and the Jews of Eastern Europe.

Modern Jewish Civilization (JST 3404) - 3 credits
A survey of Jewish history, religion, and culture from the beginning of Jewish Emancipation in the late 1700s to issues of the 21st century. Topics include the development of denominationalism, modern Anti-Semitism, Zionism and the state of Israel, the Holocaust, American Jewish life, and the rebirth of Jewish mysticism.

Jewish Literature Through the Centuries (JST 3102) - 3 credits
Surveys Jewish literature from the Bible to recent times, providing a sense of its range and richness in different centuries and cultures. Course reviews literary technique in prose and poetry as well as analyzes how texts express religious, cultural, and political meaning.

Contemporary Israel (JST 4930) - 3 credits
The goal of this course is to introduce students to contemporary State of Israel in a way that emphasizes the many facets of a dynamic society undergoing radical change and development.

Old Testament (REL 3213) - 3 credits
An introduction to the contents of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) and the methods modern scholars use to understand it.

Jewish Wisdom: An Introduction to Classical Jewish Thought (JST 3513) - 3 credits
An introduction to traditional Jewish thought and civilization through the medium of Rabbinic texts. Areas of inquiry will include Jewish metaphysics, theology, ethics, mysticism, and gender politics.

American-Jewish History, 1492-1990 (JST 4415) - 3 credits
A survey of major issues and themes in American-Jewish history set within the context of North America, from the first Jewish settlers to the National Jewish Population survey of 1990.

The Jews of Spain and the Middle East (JST 4417) - 3 credits
The geography, history, culture, languages, literature, and emigration patterns of the Jews who originated in medieval Spain and spread throughout the Mediterranean Basin, including Greece, Turkey, and the Balkan peninsula, living under the religious and legal influences of Islam.

Ancient Israel (JST 4424) - 3 credits
The history of ancient Israel during the Old Testament period, including its culture and religion, in the light of archaeological discoveries.

History of Zionism and the State of Israel, 1880-1990 (JST 4425) - 3 credits
An in-depth examination of the modern State of Israel and its development from the birth of modern Zionism to the end of the 20th century.

The Holocaust (JST 4701) - 3 credits
An in-depth study of the Holocaust from its political, religious, and ideological roots in Anti-Semitism through the Nazi Final Solution to post-Holocaust issues of ethics, theology, and moral choice.

Medieval Jewish History (JST 4430) - 3 credits
The history of Jews under Muslim and Christian rule from 600 C.E. to 1700. Course covers how wider historical events shaped Jewish history and how Jewish thought and daily life varied with time and place.

Women and Judaism (JST 4510) - 3 credits
The first part of this course surveys the history of women in Judaism from Biblical times, considering social and religious factors. The second part covers women in Judaism in the 20th and 21st centuries, including both feminist theory and the different perspectives of many individual women.

Image of Woman in the Bible (REL 4218) - 3 credits
The role and treatment of femininity in the Bible, with particular emphasis on the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) including a variety of contemporary approaches and concerns.

Directed Independent Study (JST 4905) - 1-4 credits
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor
Directed independent study on approved topics in Holocaust and Judaic studies.

Special Topics (JST 4930) - 3 credits

Jewish Studies Senior Seminar (JST 4935) - 3 credits
Prerequisite: Senior standing
This seminar is devoted to scholarly study of aspects of Jewish civilization.

Jewish Studies Courses in Other Departments 

History of American Immigration and Ethnicity (AMH 3530) - 3 credits
Religion in America (AMH 4620) - 3 credits

(See History courses, this section)

Jewish-American Literature (AML 4663) - 3 credits

(See English courses, this section)

Peoples of the Middle East (ASH 3230) - 3 credits

(See History courses, this section)

Religions and World Politics (CPO 3761) - 3 credits

(See Political Science courses, this section)

Hitler and Nazi Germany (EUH 4465) - 3 credits

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